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CEPS Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven in S.S..jpg

CEPS Pizza Oven is delivered in two section. The refectory dome and the oven heart with steel legs. The approximate shipping weight is 1200kg for a 900mm unit.

The stone oven can operate on wood or BBQ charcoal alone or with the safety gas back-up system.

Pizza (low).jpg

For the gas back-up unit, it comes with a atmospheric burner, digital temperature controller, gas solenoid valve, thermocouple, safety cut-off device, auto ignition system, indicator light and on/off switch.

Our stone ovens can be customised to fit your space and decor.

CEPs oven 1.jpg
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CEPS Roast Meat Oven

Be the first to try a new concept!

Imagine mouthwatering freshly roasted meat straight from a stone wood oven

DUCK oven (low).jpg
Roast Meat Oven (2).jpeg
Duck Oven 1.jpg

CEPS Roast Meat Stone Oven

Unit comes with 4 standard size model. Custom sizes also available.

Peking Duck Oven in stainless steel wrap

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